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If you're a Bilingual Early Childhood Educator who LOVES the idea of inspiring kids
you can see what a delicious adventure the introduction of new languages can be,
then you're in the right place!

Join me inside my FREE
CLUB Cocorico
& discover how to create language magic for the kids in YOUR preschool or childcare centre.

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You have within you a vastly under-recognised resource.

Lots of people have it, but hardly anybody in the childcare space is using it.


Once you realise the edge you have because of this gift, and learn how to use it to empower the kids at your centre, you'll see a huge difference in the impact you will have on your own days, and especially in the lives of the kids.


With inspired action, we will collectively contribute to creating a language BOOM in our childcare centres and preschools.  You will become a real game-changer, impacting children's lives in a bigger way than anyone in the industry has thought possible.

It is BIGGER than the immense fun and joy that you will personally experience while bringing your language to the kids. 

It is BIGGER than creating a fabulous bonus that attracts parents to your childcare centre.

It is an OPPORTUNITY to enhance children's lives, broaden their horizons, and forge opportunities for THEM that may not otherwise have existed.  And we do this by creating . . . LANGUAGE MAGIC!


Join me inside my FREE CLUB Cocorico

& discover how to create language magic for the kids in YOUR centre!

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After 15 years of enticing preschoolers into the world of languages with fun,
humour & a magical sense of adventure, I am now delighted to share with you many techniques & games from my popular weekly French sessions in preschools & childcare centres, all the way from sunny Sydney, Australia!

All the games & techniques can be used for introducing ANY language to toddlers & preschoolers! They can be used for group sessions in childcare centres and/or you can weave them naturally throughout your childcare day.

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