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quotes1 not paid gold smallerI'd love to introduce my native language to the children at my centre, but I don't really know how.quotes1 not paid gold smaller rotated

quotes1 not paid gold smallerI feel so nervous every time I want to bring my language to the kids; how do I make it fun and keep them engaged? quotes1 not paid gold smaller rotated

 quotes1 not paid gold smaller  I can't find time in our programme to fit in my language, even though I'd really like to. quotes1 not paid gold smaller rotated


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What if you had a formula that could make your language interactions with kids feel like magic, weaving your language into your childcare days with ease & joy,  & creating incredible results?



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 Language Magic

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Over the many years that I have been running my Cocorico French sessions in preschools & childcare centres, I have met so very many wonderful bilingual educators who have wanted to do something with languages in their classrooms, but felt really stuck for a way to get started.

REALLY started. More than just hello, goodbye & the occasional foreign language song.

They Wanted to Know How

They were searching for techniques, ideas, games, strategies, motivation, inspiration & support. They were watching & asking if they could take notes, wondering "What's the magic trick to making the whole experience amazing?"

It's taken me a long time to get from developing my own vibrant French sessions in childcare centres, to being asked for advice & looked up to for inspiration, to being ready to empower other bilingual educators with techniques, confidence & that special magic! Right NOW is the PERFECT moment for me to finally show YOU how to add YOUR OWN MAGIC to your
language, & reach more & more preschoolers with the wonderful gift of languages. 

I have met early childhood educators from so many backgrounds:
Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Thai, Czech, Indian, Russian, Portugese, Brazilian & the list goes on! I'm sure you have, too.

You may have worked in centres that have had an incredible mix of many of these nationalities all at once!

Can you imagine the dynamic and exciting environment that could be created for toddlers & preschoolers if this delightful mix of languages, stories & cultures was made into a real feature of the centre?


Join our workshop & discover how.



In Skills and Confidence
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With other inspired bilingual childcare educators
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Your next steps bringing your language to the kids


Once you have the framework & techniques, you will be able to tweak them and infuse them with the magic of your own personality & style. The confidence & skills that this will build within you is a quality that you can carry with you throughout each step of your childcare career.

Whether you are . . .

* working directly with the children in the classroom

* filling the creative shoes of the Room Leader

* guiding & inspiring an entire centre as a Director or Educational Leader, or

* even eventually owning your own centre

 . . . the benefits that you bring to your early childhood programme, and the opportunities that you potentially
create for the kids, can open many doors.

* The Double-Whammy Strategy
How to bring your language to the kids WITHOUT having to find more time
* Essential Techniques for Enticing Kids into your Language
Using your unique charm & personality
* How to Choose & Use Resources
Without having to buy anything new
* How to Choose a Winning Book (in ANY language)
And find language gold on each page (for YOUR language)            
* 3 Essential Steps
to Getting the Kids to Respond in Your Language Automatically
* The 6 Mindset Tweaks that Bring Results
And why they're important
* The 5 Ingredients in the Secret Sauce
And how they get the kids coming back for more!
* A Plan and Mini-Challenge to Kickstart your Week with Language Magic!
++ PLUS ++
* A BONUS Guide to The Art of MASTER Story-Telling
How NOT to bore the kids while reading from books AND magically entice them into your language AT THE SAME TIME

Please fill in your details and I'll be sure to let you know about our next Workshop!

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Before the Day

The magic starts before the actual day of the workshop.

Everyone who registers for the workshop will be invited to join our private SECRETS OF LANGUAGE MAGIC Members Only Facebook group. This will be our hub where we can all introduce ourselves and chat about languages and kids, about our backgrounds and experience; then when we meet up on the day of the workshop we will already have made some lovely contacts.

This facebook group will remain in action long-term. After the workshop, I will be present in the facebook group on a weekly basis, answering questions, doing some facebook live videos and even the occasional mini-training. My amazing right-hand lady, Ingrid, will be joining us at the workshop, and will regularly be inside the group to participate in conversations and answer questions. Between us, we'll have you covered!

On the Day

When you arrive, you will receive your communiqué - a beautiful, easy to read presentation covering all the day's essential discoveries for you to take with you and read through at your leisure, including Techniques & Strategies, Manifesto, Plan & Mini-Challenge.

Then, with refreshments & enthusiasm, we will launch into our programme . . .


9.00am - 11.00pm      WELCOME & PART 1 COACHING SESSION

Discover the essential mindset & strategies that will allow you to create a special ambiance that entices children into your language with a sense of adventure and intrigue.  Learn simple but powerful techniques to get the kids speaking your language and coming back for more!

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11.00pm - 11.30pm      REFRESHMENTS 

A chance to connect with other participants & share thoughts over a cuppa & cake!

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11.30pm - 12.30pm      PART 2 COACHING SESSION

Grow your skills with hands-on experiences that show you how to turn your classroom resources into complete language adventures! Discover how YOU can totally enchant the kids with YOUR charm, and use a few magical techniques to transform a distracted, non-engaged group into a vibrant, language-speaking powerhouse!

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12.30pm - 1.00pm      MANIFESTO & PLAN

Time to start dreaming, planning & creating your first steps, using our Cocorico Manifesto as your strength & inspiration, empowering you to fly into your new week with a bright new vision of creating language magic for your preschoolers. I will set you an enjoyable and achievable challenge for your first week.

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1.00 À la prochaine -      UNTIL NEXT TIME


You will leave the workshop feeling inspired with ideas & empowered with skills, with a dossier under your arm full of tips, techniques, goals & a mini plan.  You will also receive a Cocorico Certificate of Participation, the first in a series of certificates available in your progressive journey bringing your language to toddlers & preschoolers.

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After the Day

Following the workshop, all participants remain members of our "Secrets of Language Magic" Members Only Facebook Group, where you will find a BONUS game template to download, personalise and play with your kids. The group will continue to support & encourage your journey, creating a community of inspired bilingual early childhood educators with whom you can celebrate little successes, share experiences, and gain continued exposure to mini-training videos, challenges & special entrance opportunities to masterclasses as they come up.

You will also be invited to join our CLUB Cocorico membership site, where you can access a growing game library of videos and templates, detailed videos and revisions of our techniques & strategies, and receive weekly action steps via email in order to totally transform your confidence & skills, and create your own version of language magic on an on-going basis.

I hope you can join us


Please fill in your details and I'll be sure to let you know about our next Workshop!

We respect your privacy, and will never share your information with third parties.




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Elmira in circle
Your workshop was really inspiring, and it's so helpful to have the follow-up coaching and all the posts and training videos in the facebook group afterwards - they really keep me motivated and give me ideas to keep doing more Russian with the kids.
All of this week I did the introduction with the airplane, and then played the game "small or big". The children loved it so much, they asked me if we could play it today as well!!! And they then were showing me other objects in the playground saying small or big in Russian. 
I feel very happy. And proud.
Elmira Abazieva, Early Childhood Educator
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Judith, you're amazing!  You're energy, drive and passion are a real boost, and your techniques really work.
Before I began working with Judith at Cocorico, I knew that I had always liked languages.  I knew how to speak French, but the challenge was that I didn't know how to teach the language to kids.
 Judith's fun, inspiring and hands-on training has given me the skills to do just that.  Once I started working with the kids myself, I discovered that the techniques that Judith shared made complete sense.  With her training, you'll be surprised at what comes out! 
 Your eyes will start sparkling, you'll suddenly find joy in connecting with your culture, and before you know it, you will have a bunch of kids looking at you with eyes wide open, smiling away, and perhaps dreaming of one day visiting your country (Mums are often telling me that their child is asking them when they can go to Paris). find it wonderful!
Ingrid Dietrich, Cocorico Language Leader
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Thank you very much for your time today Judith !
Learnt a lot, cannot wait to try those strategies when I go to work on Tuesday ! And thanks for the template - can't wait to play with it!
Tina Chim, Early Childhood Educator
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Connie purple
Thank you for your amazing workshop - I loved it!
I left feeling invigorated, encouraged and supported.
 Before the workshop and coaching, I had tried to introduce some Cantonese to the children, but I really didn't know how to do it and make it fun - I struggled to keep the children engaged and I really didn't feel confident in myself.
 I especially want to thank you because yesterday my Cantonese was amazing!  All the children were engaged - they did all the actions with me, copied my words and were excited up to the end!  I feel really happy and so much more confident now.  Thank you for taking the time to practise with me.
Connie Leung, Early Childhood Educator
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Kate website photo


Thanks for the wonderful inspiring workshop;
the educators' feedback was very positive, and they were
to practice what they had learnt.

Judith's demonstrations and resources have given the
educators confidence to use their first language as a
learning opportunity with the children. 

I would recommend Judith to any service looking for ideas
and inspiration for including languages and culture in to the
program. She quickly built up a rapport with the educators
and was understanding and supportive as they developed their
new skills and confidence.

Kate Damo, Director at Birrahlee Kindergarten

Please fill in your details and I'll be sure to let you know about our next Workshop!

We respect your privacy, and will never share your information with third parties.